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tv   Headline News  RT  June 20, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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the spanish find out more visit. the british foreign secretary arrives in edinburgh to spearhead efforts to convince scotland it and its oil money could stay within the united kingdom. demonstrators in turkey and your another night of heavy policing is a ruling party m.p. tells r.t. the crackdown is being forced by extremists plaguing the protest movement. and criticism over the treatment of guantanamo bay detainees graves lying to president obama twelve independent medical examinations for those on hunger strike at the notorious prison.
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welcome you're watching our take with me and very far. now the british government is beginning its charm offensive on scotland to keep it part of the u.k. with foreign secretary william hague chosen as cheerleader he's an edinburgh later to speak about why the kingdom should remain united why scotland's oil money should keep rolling into london's coffers r.t. sarah firth breaks down how he's expected to convince the naysayers. mr hague's going to be trying to lay out in foreign policy terms why he feels it's preferable the scots stay put and it's the basis of his argument is going to be this that a vote for independence is not going to be a vote for business as usual is going to bring about stances change in his thought he's going to try and highlight some of the possible negative implications that that could bring of course it's of stance of change that's exactly what these within the yes campaign those who want to see an independent scotland want to bring
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about they accuse westminster of dominating economic policy dominating resources and they say they want to break that stranglehold now they have been political with both sides there's within the yes campaign for example has pointed to a recent treasury report in which is dependent scotland was placed in the same category as iceland cyprus and ireland all of which of course have had economic crises and now those within the yes campaign say these sort of tactics are scaremongering to try and persuade more people to vote against independence of course no more physically this is the way to run independence get played out than in the discussion when it comes to oil now this here we saw a senior member of government is missing that where scotland to become independent
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it would have a major resource on its hands another member of government had also gone as far as to say that possibly in the past the u.k. government had downplayed the value of that asset it's quite hard to get a gauge when you'll hear of exactly where the school says people a place that it's quite a divided mix and you talk to people on the streets there today when that speech happens we'll be bringing you all the latest from that's and it's thought we're going. to hit that point really hermit hoping that the u.k. stronger together and it's filled with the hague will be telling scotland that it will also be a face for scotland but of course they sit in the s.n.p. they sit in the yes campaign saying they still everything to play for. while recent polls suggest about a third of scots support independence compared to fifty nine percent who want to remain in the united kingdom scottish m. pay angus macneil insists the nation can do well on its own by financially and politically london should be well practiced in this the empire has gone the
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colonies have gone about fifty nations have become independent of london london's an old hundred this and ireland's moved on doesn't want to come back even the tiny island man of the coast of the u.k. doesn't want to be ruled from london either so you know they're going through a process and that may be good for a learning curve the find it difficult yet again but of course the practicalities to consider as well one how you going to fund yourself is the. balance the books the u.k. government releases that this paper warning scotland will suffer a banking collapse just like cyprus or island if it becomes independent what's that the united kingdom government should be well aware that they haven't funded themselves as two thousand and one is twelve years they haven't balance the books scotland is actually eight point four percent of the u.k. population pay nine point nine percent of the taxation of the u.k. we're very confident we can peer and we are but incidentally we also believe england can too one thing is certain in this independence that scotland is going through like the other hundred forty two more that went through in the past
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scotland is probably the best planned ever i can think of another nation that's gone through so much planning and so much cross-examination in the lead up to its independence so all bodes well for the future and scaremongering stories such as how could scotland pay for itself for goodness sakes it is absolute nonsense. another large protest has been dispersed over night by police using water cannons in turkey's capital ankara this after wednesday saw dozens of arrests across the country as authorities bid to stop the three weeks long unrest tom barton witnessed this latest crackdown. this crossroads in the center of ankara was filled with protesters just a few minutes before it might be hard to believe it now is totally empty you can see one of the police vehicles up there still using its water cannon against the remaining few protesters the police charged in here with two vehicles firing tear gas everyone in the square true king on that having to dive for cover and water
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cannon blasting everything around they've left branches hanging off trees and debris and water all over the streets protesters who had been gathered to try and demonstrate their anger at perceived or forward terrorism by prime minister erdogan of turkey coming to scatter into side streets all around here very shocked by the sudden on rush of these police vehicles this particular spot has marked nightly confrontations between police and protesters some might say some onlookers might say really proving what protesters might be saying that the police really over reacting to some of the protests here it's not quite known what exactly did set off the police but protesters absolutely saying it's this kind of pretty police response that has them out on the streets protesting in the first place mr erdogan and his supporters for their part calling some of the protesters terrorists
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implicating possible foreign involvement in their funding and saying that they don't represent a large part of the turkey turkish populace he does have a fair point in that around half of the turkish populace polls indicate do support him. well tom did manage to catch up with an m. pay for ruling party chahta hai kelly chief said police were forced to resort to toughen measures against protesters we have to distinguish here between protesters and troublemakers and members of illegal organizations who are trying to create havoc within within the city of stumble in some other cities in turkey. the police has a lawful rights to use. the law given means to them to disperse of these troublemakers and vandals and now. if you're looking for a balance i would say the police has to act within its law given powers that is
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a balance for the police however decisions we're trying to use their democratic rights to protest have to do this peacefully if you're resorting to violence and using malt of course tails and other kinds of weaponries against officials who are . given the duty by the state to protect public order then of course these law these law enforcement officers have the right to use the force that is given to them by law within the law. but as tonality. cine who took part in the on current price has been easy thank you very much for coming on to the program this morning and the ruling party says it's the protesters who are responsible for the violence that we've been seeing over the last few days and as we heard that this one and paste angle how else should the police react if they have stones a molotov cocktail thrown at them what's your response to that. thank you first of
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all like. the times have changed a lot like it's first when police was reacting like from the beginning of the night now like police terrorists react like after me and i usually but it doesn't matter like they're you know normal citizens are like like peaceful protesters or like people who try to make trouble last night actually like i think it was. like their friend because i don't know if you heard about like the standing mass or now like the protest turn into like a stunning protest so people just like stand and stare at a place for like you know a couple of. like half an hour or an hour and then they like this is how we try to continue to protest but last night also some of those people had been
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attacked and that's the problem of course when there's a fire going on or like you know some people will try to use this jaish and try to express or like. do extreme things the police should of course react but only two dollars people not to do it innocent ones i think so all these very difficult for the police to differentiate isn't it if they see a mass crowd and some of those are throwing stones of course it's very difficult not to have a mass response isn't it. well actually when they want they do it like it's just the what police wants for i think because there have been lawsuits protests before like. smaller ones. like involved it's one thing more accurate like police now doesn't differentiate like.
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citizens just standing and using their democracy democratic rights and the ones that they're trying to stone it's not like i mean police have chased and catch i don't know for a length. i can understand your point do you not feel that after these days of protests in the violence that has ensued is there not a more effective way for you to get your message across or do you feel the best method well not really for that reason for instance in istanbul there have been. like not protests with open forums in different parks so people gather and just talk what could be like to. make the situation better and this happens like there's some park saw like lots of different people from different backgrounds can share their feelings and thoughts all are there so i
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think now this will spread like we will have forums in. maybe in every city and i think this will be a better way to like discuss and come off it a solution. and just very very quickly do you think this is having an impact do you think the government is listening very briefly. not really like the projects in talks him have been housed for now but it has not been stopped so i think government wants to like you have some more time and like i think they will like these. these protests to be forgotten ok and i think everything will be saying we do have to leave it there thank you very much. and i. thank you. so you faced on the state
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solution that softer israeli cabinet members called to give the palestinians their own nation nothing but hopeless we explain in the minute how the peace process could.
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speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the r.p. interviews intriguing story to tell you. the. arabic for and visit our big. welcome back now the force feeding of prisoners at the guantanamo bay prison has led some doctors to call on the facilities medical staff not to treat detainees and allow them to go on hunger strike the world medical association has declared force feeding is not ethically acceptable then believes they starving themselves need to have the justices addressed. as this report. way and the world
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medical association demand access for independent doctors to guantanamo detainees more than one hundred fifty doctors including from the us have signed an open letter to grok obama urging him to allow guantanamo detainees access to independent medical examinations and advice here's what they write it is clear that the detainees do not trust their military doctors they have very good reason for this as you should know from the current protocols of the joint task force guantanamo which those doctors are ordered to follow the orders they receive or ultimately your orders as their commander in chief without trust safe an acceptable medical care of mentally competent patients is impossible for the above mentioned protocols describe the procedure of force feeding that the doctors are obliged to administer at guantanamo it involves a tube inserted through the nose and down the throat of the detainees on hunger strike and those who are being force fed at guantanamo describe it as a very painful procedure to which they gave no consent actually it is the opinion
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of the u.n. commission on human rights that for speeding is a lawful and torture when it's clear that it's a protest and a last resort for the detainees because before the hunger strike became impossible to ignore one tunnel was out of sight out of mind and washington was happy to keep it that way the un has repeatedly called on the obama administration to stop the practice of force feeding and fix the underlying issue of this hunger strike which is indefinite detention the entire international community has called on the us to either try these people or let them go shopping tubes down their noses doesn't fix the problem. and the number of guantanamo bay detainees being force fed has been growing rapidly over the past few months according to the prison's officials in march this year out of thirty seven hunger strike is eleven were receiving and thrill fades possible with a month and you have a dramatic increase since one hundred hunger strikers with twenty one being force
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fed and last month three more people joined the hunger strike and fifteen more had to be given food against their will so this brings us to today with one hundred four prisoners refusing food and forty four being force fed psychiatry terry cooper says coercive action can cause a wrapper for mental damage. all of this abuses medical ethics and a doctor should not participate the united states military should not be doing it one of the purposes of torture is to cause permanent damage from what i understand of the hunger strike and particularly the conditions of confinement the kinds of searches that are being done the fact that the prisoners are kept in extreme isolation a lot of the time that they're treated cruelly all of these become traumatic memories as does placement in a restraint chair of the forcing of the two down their throat and this then becomes lasting memories that cannot be integrated into their personality and it causes
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ongoing symptoms even if they're to be released the trauma reverberates in the psychological life that is the individual has the memories of the trauma as an able to alleviate the pain keeps having intrusive memories for instance flashbacks nightmares and such and this becomes a rather continuous problem in their lives so they can't go along with the normal events of life. on r.t. dot com right now the world's fastest growing economic giant goes to extremes to reclaim a future china introduces at the simple. for those dead to break the nation's environmental protection rules also online. dot com accuses the u.s. government for what he calls the largest massacre of data in the history of the internet find out what that is a bag of said party. israel's commitment to
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a two state solution to achieve peace with the palestinians is in serious doubt recent comments from some senior israeli cabinet members suggest the ruling coalition staunchly oppose the idea the country's deputy defense minister danny then on said moves to promote it will be buried in parliament the statement was later echoed by the israeli trade minister naftali bennett he declared the two state option had hit a dead end and also called for a swift annexation of territories in the west bank this could cast a shadow on international efforts to bring israel palestine to the negotiating table u.s. secretary of state john kerry is planning his fifth trip to the region to try to bring the two sides together but the war of words means little to scores of suffering palestinians whose homes are constantly being cornered by walls of the concrete horsley reports. the walls might be coming down in the race to the world
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but here in israel they're going up there's one along the country's border with egypt there's a fifty one kilometer one around gaza there's one in the pipeline next to jordan and the newest frontier is being fortified along the lebanese and syrian borders and then there is the most famous the controversial so-called separation wall that encircles the west bank of course it was the fact that israel is defending itself and preparing itself for possible future attacks towards the borders of israel assessable and also it seems from attacks even closer to home it's not only on the borders but also here inside israel twenty minutes away from tel aviv jews and arabs have lived side by side in the israeli city of lard for generations but in one part of the city they're now living on opposite sides of a concrete wall we met a time a horn on the jewish side he builds wars for a living but they usually the decorative type used for exhibitions and parties he
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and his jewish neighbors battled hard even dipping into their own pockets to build this wall our neighbors next door. they're making a lot of trouble for us there are people here there are farmers and they have land growing. with or something else and they used to. burn everything. drugs they come to our house steal from them to. drugs they want a lot has the highest homicide rate in israel police say it's because of infighting among arab families but the families say that's nonsense you know there is no reason to build this war besides racism they built it because we are arabs just because it bothers me they did not leave us any loom and they do not even own the slander shorter than a few abdullah is one of those who now finds himself on the wrong side of the wall
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i already made of the jews fear arabs and always build a wall but if there are no arabs they don't build a wall there are lots more israelis argue they was all meant to keep terrorism and illegal infiltration out both dropped ninety percent after the barriers went up but palestinians insist the wars keep them under siege and are used as an excuse for annexing palestinian land. in the name of the game of. virtual wars and real wars the feeling is that it's the israelis more and more getting into the get all this terror would be their war they are immigrants from africa will be the war every single be sold by building a war and above all the world is against us let's win the war israel's physical isolation gets clearer by the day a country that could soon be completely enclosed by steel concrete and barbed wire
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policy are forty in large city israel. brazil is seeing its worst protest in over a decade sparked by high taxes corruption and the extravagant cost of the upcoming football world cup r.t. some sex reports not on the unrest. it is sponsibility to organize the thoughts the cup two thousand and fourteen student contrary received that was six years ago an announcement that the world's biggest soccer tournament would be coming home to brazil for the first time since one thousand nine hundred fifty but with one year to go until the tournament kicks off this is what's happening in brazil this week. at least two hundred thousand brazilians have taken to the streets all around the country with massive demonstrations in major cities like sell paolo in rio de janeiro cities which are also currently spending huge amounts of public money on sports stadiums and security in
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preparation for the global soccer tournament next year and then the olympics in two thousand and sixteen and demonstrators want to know why billions of dollars in public money is being funneled to build extravagant sports stadiums while schools hospitals roads and water facilities around the country are crumbling a sentiment summed up in this now viral you tube video so well cup is going to add up to about thirty eight billions of dollars that's more than the last three were all cut at together they added up to about twenty five billion to make matters worse to raise even more revenue the public services in brazil have been cut and bus fares have been increased a move that sparked the demonstrations around the country last week and the nation's poorest have suffered the most as favelas are bulldozed to make room for new tourist destinations as many as one point five million families are expected to be forced out of their homes before the world cup kicks off meanwhile private real estate developers construction companies and multinational sponsors are doing very
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well securing huge contracts and preparing for a profit bonanza when the world flocks to brazil next summer but what happens to the broader brazilian economy after the games are over in two thousand and ten south africa. to the world cup and the country was only able to recruit a tenth of the nearly five billion dollars spent to prepare for the games meanwhile the international soccer governing body made its money off south africa's hospitality collecting billions in television and marketing rights so it's no wonder why brazilian taxpayers feel like they're getting a raw deal same sex are today. so let's look at the reasons why you think there's been unrest in brazil this is how the poll looks on our website at the moment at r.t. dot com forty six percent of you say it's all down to government inefficiency and corruption twenty six percent believe it's to do with a foreign plot to destabilize latin america fifteen percent believe it's all to do
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with a hike in public phase and a hike in public transport that we saw there in that report and also increasing world cup costs and then the remainder that's thirteen percent believe it is all to do with the global economic slowdown do you let us know what you think or you have to do is go to r.t. . some other news in brief this hour at least twenty two people have died following a gunfight at the u.n. compound in somalia the attackers detonated a car bomb at the entrance and then stormed the compound the victims include insurgents u.n. employees and civilians the al qaeda linked rebel group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility. syrian troops alongside lebanon's hezbollah are reportedly fighting rebels in a damascus suburb which is home to a major shia shrine protecting the. mosque is seen as crucial for president as sad he was backed by shia muslims the fighting in the area is part of
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a wider offensive aimed at recapturing suburbs of the country's capital. up next after this short break it's oksana boyko and. i go they track your poor ratings of the presidents of various countries by did not they still research the approval ratings of former presidents or twice i go a poll that says that george w. bush as would surely growing in his approval numbers since leaving office in fact his numbers have increased by percent seventeen. amongst independents and even his inferior rival democratic voters have given him fourteen percentage points of popularity i think this may be due to the fact that obama's magic has worn off and people are getting fed up with things a longing for the bush days is insane if you are one of the people who has recently
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decided that bush is awesome and please tell me how he differs from obama true obama could pronounce ninety nine percent of the words on the teleprompter in front of him but both presidents have let expensive wars with questionable objectives bush gave us the patriot act and obama continued it with the n.d.a. both of them seem to like their drones and massive government spending and expansion i don't know i don't think that just because obama's rules flawed that somehow makes bush's brain into some sort of triumph but that's just my opinion. good afternoon and welcome to prime interest and harry and boring and washington
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d.c. let's get to today's had by. the silicon valley is heating up in the wake of the national security agency whistleblower scandal the american civil liberties union is now involved in something to rein in the n.s.a. celeb's snooping but several tech giants are being proactive as well do no evil google is seeking permission from the u.s. to disclose the volume and scope of a federal request for customer information which twitter officially why but facebook won't join the fray asserting the disclosures will be vague in the meaning eyes and facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg face heat from shareholders yesterday. investors angry at the forty percent drop in facebook's i.p.o. price a grilled him for thirty minutes and when asked about the company's accuser profitability the chief financial officer threw his hands up to saying i wish i had a crew.